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Full Motion Helicopter Simulation

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Rotorcraft Simulation F2Si offers a family of rotorcraft simulation devices that provide advanced rotor dynamics and malfunctions throughout a range of device fidelity. Helicopter specific maneuvers and characteristics are accurately simulated through the combination of Blade Element Rotary Modeling (BERM) with an integrated flight dynamics and modeling environment. Avionics and instrumentation suites are replicated and populated inside a full or partial cockpit, built to meet your budget and training needs. F2Si offers the most realistic training for normal or emergency maneuvers using our advanced rotor and aerodynamic modeling. Experience complete flight immersion with the combination of an authentic cockpit replication surrounded by an external visual display, precision control loading, intercom and radio communications, and motion base or motion seats. Our expertise in advanced aircraft systems simulation provides an unparalleled rotorcraft learning platform. Students can train for maneuvers such as autorotation, tail rotor failure or loss-of-tail rotor effectiveness. F2Si is capable of providing the most cost effective training solution for any helicopter in any configuration. Advanced Rotor Dynamics in a Cost-effective, Full Motion Helicopter Simulation MOTUS® Helicopter F2Si’s patented MOTUS® design is an all-electric motion base that provides six Degree-of-Freedom (6DOF). F2Si’s MOTUS® design is low-maintenance and operates quietly. The simple design of MOTUS® allows F2Si to offer affordable full motion flight simulation for any type rotorcraft. F2Si’s full motion MOTUS® simulation device is the ideal helicopter training platform. Physics of touch down is reflected in base “bump”. FEEL THE LANDING! The Ideal Helicopter Simulation Solution MOTUS® Motion Base F2Si has the ability to accurately simulate helicopter characteristics that are traditionally difficult to reproduce in affordable training devices. Advanced maneuvers and characteristics such as auto-rotations, hover, effective translational lift, loss of tail rotor effectiveness, downwash; once reserved for elite, costly devices can be trained effectively within F2Si’s affordable family of simulation devices. OEM and F2Si manufactured components are integrated into the training devices. 1815 Parkway View Drive | Pittsburgh, PA 15205 | Phone 412.321.3280 | F

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Military or Civilian F2Si’s MOTUS® design can be applied to a simulated training device to meet military or civilian training requirements. Whether an EC-145 or UH-72A; F2Si provides both types with a high level of fidelity and functionality. Our technology can simulate any helicopter type to include advanced rotor characteristics that provide accurate auto-rotations, ground effect lift, effective translational lift (ETL), and downwash. External equipment and winch operations can be incorporated into any model to allow for effective training in any situation. Full motion MOTUS® design and...

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