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FCXTREME PFC036 - 45 KVA - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

PRECISION FREQUENCY CONVERTER Ground POWER Solutions The FCXtreme Series Model PFC036 provides FCX Systems’ rugged and reliable performance in a rating ideally suited for point of use applications. Its small footprint and low profile provide for easy integration into the hangar, flight line, or other environment. All models engineered, optimized and tested for true continuous output power rating with 200% overload capacity for reliable, dependable performance 24/7/365. UNIT PERFORMANCE Efficiency Available 200A rated 28VDC output with 400% surge rating Mean time to repair: less than 30 minutes Operational Life Mean time between failure: 24,000 hours Innovative, adaptive wave optimization and voltage stabilization for low input THD and precise performance without the efficiency penalty of less advanced designs Laminated bus design eliminates transient voltage surges for high performance and increased reliability Lightweight powder-coated steel enclosure with sealed electronics compartment superior to typical aluminum enclosures to reduce both emissions of, and susceptibility to, RFI and EMI Full-featured user interface with detailed troubleshooting menus added to the advanced diagnostic and logging system High contrast LED display with 16-button keypad and separate standalone controls to ensure ease of use for most frequent functions Standard RS485 Modbus communication and integration capability with available RJ45 Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection capability Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft and All Other 400 Hz Applications Through an innovative design, advanced diagnostic and logging systems, and rugged modular construction, FCXtreme Series products assure maximum power availability and minimal maintenance time.

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ENVIRONMENTAL & MECHANICAL Enclosure NEMA 12 equivalent rated steel enclosure with durable powder coat finish. Standard colors: RAL9006 “White Aluminum” (gray) or RAL9016 “Traffic White”. NEMA 4 equivalent rating is optional. 52”H x 48”W x 25”D (56”W with NEMA 4 vent hoods) – 1,200 lbs. est. INPUT POWER Input Voltage 480VAC +/- 10% standard, other input voltages available Input Frequency Input Phase Rotation Any (automatic phase lock) Ambient Temp. Range Inrush Current None (soft start to rated power) Overload, short circuit, over voltage, temperature, access door interlock Audible Noise Level Less...

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