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Catalogue excerpts

The FCX Shore power solution dramatically reduces ship emissions as well as noise and vibration from ships in port . . . at a lower operating and maintenance cost than motor generator sets or running the ship's motors. Safe and reliable power is seamlessly transferred from the public electric power grid to the ship while in port, regardless of ship electrical design. Using the most advanced solid-state technology available, FCX produces all aspects of large KVA Frequency Conversion Systems to convert any conventional electrical powerto either 60 Hz or 50 Hz power for dock applications. • Laminated bus design eliminates transient voltage surges for high performance and increased reliability • Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) inverters controlled by drivers specifically designed to monitor the health and protect the transistors • Built-in failsafe modular system design ensures continuous operational dependability • Unique microprocessor controller guarantees long lasting performance under all conditions Each solid-state converter is configured in a vertical NEMA 12 equivalent cabinet • RS232/485 communications interface • 4 line 20 character alpha-numeric user interface display • True RMS voltage control is not affected by non-linear / solid state loads • Integrated IGBT driver/power modules for the most compact and reliable inverter • High overload capability • Precise output regulation • Multiple event logging diagnostic system • Electronic line drop compensation • Software options and upgrades Suitable For: Container Terminals and City Ports Cruise and Container Ships, Ro-Ro Vessels and LNG Carriers Single and Multiple Frequency Applications Single and Multiple Berth Configurations Dry Dock Applications On average, FCX's Shore-to-Ship Power Units deliver a 30% cost reduction in port operations.

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FCX Systems provides one-stop expertise that includes application assessment, design and implementation for an uninterrupted, turnkey installation. OPTIONS AND ACCESSORIES Input Voltage    208 to 600VAC three phase +/-10%, typical (other voltages are available) Input Phase Rotation    Any (automatic phase lock) Inrush Current    None (soft start to rated power) Protection    Overload, short circuit, over voltage, under voltage, phase loss, over temperature, access door interlock NEMA 4X equivalent stainless steel enclosures 12 pulse and 24 pulse input rectification systems Ethernet communications Distribution...

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