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Catalogue excerpts

FCX270VDC powers every assembly station around the world for the F-35 Lightning II. FCX Precision 270VDC -PROVEN TO PERFORM. r SYSTEMS The preferred and best power of choice for all 270VDC applications. No other 270VDC power supply in the world is more proven or preferred than the FCX Precision DC unit. This reliable, high performance unit is the product of many years of support to F-22 and now F-35 test and production - and is absolutely the best choice for any 270VDC requirement. • The advanced design of the FCX 270VDC power supply delivers precise regulation and high dynamic response • Meets or exceeds the most stringent requirements for 270VDC power, including Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Ground Electrical Power Interface Specification • Innovative, adaptive wave optimization and voltage stabilization for exceptionally “clean” power • Laminated bus design eliminates transient voltage surges for high performance and increased reliability • All models optimized and tested to perform from light loads to continuous full power rating, with robust overload capability, to handle the demands of 24/7/365 operations • Advanced BITE - diagnostic and logging system with on board troubleshooting menu • High contrast LED display with full feature user interface and 16-button keypad. Separate standalone controls to ensure ease of use for most frequent functions • Standard RS485 Modbus communication • Thermally controlled cooling fans designed to run only when necessary for increased efficiency New 72kWrated 270VDC Precision Power Supply Model VDC270-72kWis shown here in vertical fixed mount configuration. We offer a wide variety of unit ratings and configurations -standard and custom. Please contact us anytime at sales®fcxinc.com with your requirements. “It was a pleasure testing a product that easily met or exceeded all requirements and expectations." - Lockheed Martin F-22 Ground Power Qualification Test Manager

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30A Auxiliary 270VDC Output Remote Operator Stations: Push Button or Full Function LED Display Integral Cable Rack Specifications below based on 72kW-267A rated model VDC270-72kW. Other ratings and types available. Please contact us for information.INPUT POWER Input Voltage (+/-10%)    380 - 480VAC Input Phase    3ph, 4 Wire Input Current    480VAC, 3ph, 60Hz Input Current: 95A @ 100% / 238A @ 250% Overload 380VAC, 3ph, 50Hz Input Current: 118A @ 100% / 295A @ 250% Overload Input Current Distortion (%ITHD) <8% @ 100% Input Inrush Current    None (Soft start to rated power) Input Power Factor    >0.95...

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