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CR series - 11 Pages

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CR series
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Catalogue excerpts

CR series Powerful collaborative robots for a wide range of applications Safe versatile human-robot collaboration for more efficiency

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Let’s work together ! Safety-certified and with payloads up to 35 kg, the FANUC CR series of collaborative robots works hand in hand with humans to add value to your process. Not sure if a collaborative robot is the right choice for you? The following insights might help: Want to maximise productivity? If your processes tend to be repetitive and don’t involve additional added-value tasks involving humans, automating them by using standard industrial robots often provides the best solution. We call this automation. Want to reduce safety-related downtime? If your processes simply require humans...

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CR-35iA is the strongest collaborative robot on the market. The strongest collaborative robot series on the market: we lift up to 35 kg Thanks to payloads of 4 kg, 7 kg and 35 kg and unrivalled reach, the CR series is ideally suited to handling processes that expose human workers to the risk of repetitive strain and other work-related injuries. It also has benefits in terms of quality and repeatability since it controls force with much more precision than human operators.

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We don't need fences The FANUC CR series can work side by side with humans or collaborate with them without the need for external safety devices. BUILT-IN SAFETY FOR ALL-ROUND PROTECTION The CR series is equipped with FANUC collision stop protection. For maximum reliability, this uses proven sensor technology. All robots have a function to restart them easily and quickly after a stop. In addition to contact stop, the CR series comes with push back and anti-trap features for additional protection. To prevent the risk of pinching, the larger CR-35zA model comes wrapped in a passive soft cover. CONTACT...

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We can recognise objects Depending on what you want to do, the CR series can be equipped with a FANUC 3D Area Sensor, FANUC Force Sensor or FANUC Vision Sensor. Opening up a wealth of possibilities, the 3D Area Sensor even enables the robot to pick randomly distributed parts from a bin. FANUC Force Sensor detects force and torque applied to the end effector allowing the robot to carry out collaborative assembly, fitting and weighing operations for example. Using the Vision Sensor, the CR series is capable of locating workpieces, reading bar codes and sorting by colour.

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The CR series has been designed to offer you a wealth of new collaborative opportunities in industries ranging from automotive, packaging, distribution, metalworking, electronics and chemicals to name but a few. For more flexible layouts, CR-4z'A, CR-7z'A and CR-7z'A/L robots can be upside-down mounted, wall mounted or fixed to a mobile platform. AUTOMOTIVE MACHINING AND ASSEMBLY Preventing the risk of repetitive strain injuries amongst assembly line workers, the CR series will lift and position heavy components on machining and assembly lines. The repeatability offered by using a collaborative...

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FOR EASY PROGRAMMING AND HANDLING FANUC Hand Guidance allows you to teach your collaborative robot by leading it through paths and/or use it to lift heavy objects manually. This is made possible by an emergency stop button and a three-position enabling switch that meets ISO 10218 and ISO/TS 15066. Teaching with FANUC Hand Guidance function • teach robots easily by leading them through paths and points • easy and intuitive • eliminates the need for a pendant to teach positions • less training time and costs Handling with FANUC Hand Guidance function • robot can be used as a strong arm for individual...

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And a familiar interface THE CR SERIES OPERATES LIKE ANY OTHER FANUC ROBOT BECAUSE ON THE INSIDE IT'S JUST LIKE ANY OTHER FANUC ROBOT. Your benefits: • based on proven LR Mate and M-20 technology • good repeatability and proven FANUC reliability • uses the standard FANUC interface for easy learning, programming and setup • no extensive retraining necessary • ROBOGUIDE simulation software • full spare parts availability • global service & support • customisable and including a large number of options

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Working range CR-4i'A Working range CR-7i'A • standard *1) ISO 9283 *2) without controller *3) In case of the wall mount, the operation space will be restricted according with the payload. *4) In case of short distance motion, the speed may not reach the maximum value stated. *5) if the area is monitored by a safety sensor (located separately)

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Make the best use of limited space The CR series works in a small footprint and does not require peripheral devices such as fences, allowing operators to move around safely Improve workspace ergonomics The CR series reduces the need for humans to continuously bend or take uncomfortable positions Prevent injuries The CR series eliminates the need for humans to handle dangerous parts and substances or lift objects weighing up to 35 kg Efficient FANUC service worldwide Wherever you need us, our comprehensive FANUC network provides sales, support and customer service all around the world. That way,...

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CNCs, Servo Motors and Lasers Industrial Robots, Accessories and Software CNC Wire-Cut Electric Discharge Machines Compact CNC Machining Centres Technical information subject to change without prior notice. All rights reserved. © 2017 FANUC Europe Corporation Electric CNC Injection Moulding Machines MANUFACTURED EFFICIENCY: 5 PRODUCT GROUPS – ONE COMMON SERVO AND CONTROL PLATFORM

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