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Catalogue excerpts


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WE ARE Egret Aviation specializes in the design and manufacture of onboard galley equipment for the aviation and railway industries. The core products of the company include cabin service carts, standard containers, oven racks (oven inserts), drawers, folding trolleys and other associated parts and components. The management team of the company have extensive knowledge with decades of experience in the industry, which enables the company to be successful in a competitive environment.

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We offer global markets ATLAS, KSSU, and ACE standards, as well as customized equipment. Besides the necessary national CAA approvals, Egret Aviation also holds Production Organisation Approval (POA) granted by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The company’s quality management system was accredited Aerospace Standard AS9100 and ISO9001. The key advantage of our company is to provide customer satisfaction by supplying certified products of high quality, at competitive prices and short lead-times. Through high levels of flexible production and cost efficiencies, Egret Aviation’s enthusiastic...

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Trust us to make your FLIGHT CLEAN

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MAIN PRODUCTS FS Cart w/ Dry Ice Trays, with Air Vents FS Cart w/ Dry Ice Trays, Lightweight FS Cart w/o Dry Ice Tray, Lightweight FS Waste Cart Top/Door Load w/o Bin FS Waste Cart Top Load w/o Bin FS Container Cart (Space Frame) HS Cart w/ Dry Ice Tray, Lightweight HS Cart w/o Dry Ice Tray, Lightweight HS Waste Cart Top/Door Load w/o Bin HS Waste Cart Top Load w/o Bin

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Folding Trolley ATLAS Standard Container ATLAS Standard Container, twist lock KSSU Standard Container ATLAS Oven Rack ATLAS Extended Oven Rack KSSU Oven Rack ATLAS Aluminium Oven Tray ATLAS Aluminium Extended Oven Tray KSSU Aluminium Oven Tray ATLAS Aluminium Drawer ATLAS Aluminium Drawer (perforated) ATLAS Plastic Drawer HS Waste Bin Top/Door Load

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BETTER THAN YOU EXPECT Egret Aviation Co., Ltd Address 71 Jiangpu Road Suzhou, Jiangsu 215126 China

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