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ES15 - 13 Pages

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Catalog excerpts


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ECARYS AND THE ES15. MODULAR DESIGN. COMPLETE SOLUTION. Contents ECARYS - a subsidiary of the German aircraft manufacturer STEMME AG -worked with governments, scientists and corporations to design and develop the ES15. This flexible, modular design is now one of the most efficient platforms for airborne surveillance, reconnaissance and research. When your mission requires that you have an aircraft that has inherent stealth capabilities, noise levels almost to the point of silence, requires flexibility in range, ease of operation and low operational costs, the ES15 delivers. The multiple applications...

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CONSIDERING ITS STEALTH CAPABILITIES, THE ECARYS ES15 IS A PLATFORM THAT IS DIFFICULT TO IGNORE. THE ES15 IS PROVEN, FLYING AND FLEXIBLE. THIS QUICK GUIDE HIGHLIGHTS THE MAIN BENEFITS MOUNTING POINTS Flexibility is central to the ES15 with multiple mounting points for payloads ES15 PLATFORM STRENGTHS DESIGNED TO DELIVER LOW COST Operational costs of less than US$300 per hour Up to 770 lbs of payload potential. GROUND HANDLING Bespoke avionics suite according to customers specifications platform would provide customers with more efficiencies and enable operators to customise as much as their missions...

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AEC Air Support B.V. has been operating the ES15 since 2012 in a multitude of roles including work for NATO and other government agencies ^ IN OPERATION SINCE 2012, THE ECARYS ES15 HAS PROVED AN INVALUABLE SURVEILLANCE TOOL FOR AEC OF HOLLAND, THE EU BORDER GUARD AND SAFRAN GROUP, AMONG OTHERS. ITS STEALTH CHARACTERISTICS, RUNNING COSTS, ENDURANCE AND RANGE MEANS THE ES15 IS A PLATFORM THAT GIVES HIGH PERFORMANCE FOR LOWER COSTS The following 8 pages focus on how three organisations use the ES15 in real world applications,

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FOR OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT AND OTHER SENSITIVE MISSIONS, THE NOISE AND RADAR PROFILE IS EXCEPTIONAL AEC PROVIDE A WIDE RANGE OF AIRBORNE SOLUTIONS SUPPORTING PRIVATE AND GOVERNMENT ORGANISATIONS THROUGHOUT EUROPE AEC Support have operated an ES15 since 2012 for a wide variety of important missions. They use the aircraft for reconnaissance, surveillance, ship monitoring, border patrol, agricultural surveys and law enforcement. CEO Michel Versteeg chose the ES15 due to its low operational cost, impressive payload capabilities and variety of payload fixing points. ECARYS' modular approach to construction...

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ES15's following a evaluation which include other single and twi engined fixed wing as we as helicopters ^BORDER GUARD FTER TWO YEARS OF EVALUATING PLATFORMS THE ES15 BEAT ALL THERS TO BECOME THE CHOICE OF A BORDER GUARD FROM THE EU THE pressure on governments to monitor their borders is a hot topic. The Border Guard is charged with monitoring and protecting its (and the EU's) borders from people trafficking, smuggling, illegal immigration, arms smuggling, goods smuggling, combating terrorism as well as monitoring all sea, land and air security. It's a big operation and the ES15's are an important...

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THE SAFRAN PATROLLER, BASED ON THE ES15, IS PROOF OF JUST HOW FLEXIBLE A PLATFORM IT CAN BE - FOR BOTH MANNED AND UNMANNED MISSIONS ^ SAFRAN PATROLLER FRANCE    THE Safran group is one of the world's    of their Sperwer tactical UAV which has    this project on track - helping to deliver    To find out more about the Safran Patroller visit: _ largest aerospace, defense and security    logged some 2500 missions in Afghanistan.    solutions for homeland security and military    http://www.safran-electronics-defense.com/aerospace/uav-systems companies, with headquarters in France. The fact that Safran...

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CHOOSING A PLATFORM IS A CHALLENGING PROCESS. THE ES15 IS FROM A PROVEN AIRFRAME MANUFACTURER AND THE BENEFITS OF ITS DESIGN ARE DIFFICULT TO IGNORE – PAYLOAD, STEALTH-LIKE QUALITIES, ENDURANCE, SPEED, EASE OF OPERATION AND LOW COST. Simplicity of design, solid track record and available now. The ES15 is a proven platform around the world. MODULAR DESIGN CONCEPT THE ES15 is working missions around the world every day. When ECARYS designed the concept, modules were taken from proven platforms and its talented engineers set about how to create payload and space to provide a flexible aircraft that...

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PLATFORM PERFORMANCE BENCHMARKS REQUIRED OPERATING CREW BY PERSON NOISE LEVELS HEARD AT GROUND LEVEL FROM 1000 - 4000 Ft ES15 IN COMPARISON TO OTHER PLATFORMS INITIAL INVESTMENT US $ MILLIONS AVERAGE OPERATING COSTS US$ PER HOUR OPERATIONAL SURVEILLANCE DISTANCE WORLDWIDE endurance, is easier to operate and costs are significantly less. There are pros and cons to every aircraft, depending on the mission, but the facts for ES15 speak for themselves. In the ES15, ECARYS offers a high performance aircraft platform with outstanding core values, low fuel consumption, emissions and maintenance requirements. COST...

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SURVEILLANCE, COMMERCIAL AND SCIENTIFIC THE ES15's VERSATILITY ALLOWS ORGANISATIONS AND UNIVERSITIES TO CREATE A BESPOKE SOLUTION TO SUIT THEIR SURVEILLANCE, COMMERCIAL AND SCIENTIFIC REQUIREMENTS. LOW NOISE AND EMISSIONS MAKE IT ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY AS WELL AS COST EFFECTIVE. SURVEILLANCE SURVEILLANCE has become an important and integral part of national security and defence – whether that means patrolling borders or tracking and monitoring illegal activity. But there is much more to surveillance, such as tracking environmental events in an increasingly erratic weather system, or monitoring...

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COMMERCIAL AND SCIENTIFIC A platform that can help you deliver the right and extremely competitive price-point for customers is what the ES15 does best. The low operating costs and platform flexibility means that it’s being used in a wide range of research and commercial applications right now. We're proud of our links to the global scientific community that are using our aircraft to carry out important life changing work. AREA MAPPING Airborne laser scanning is a rapid, highly accurate and efficient method of capturing 3D data of large areas for: ^ Urban area mapping ^ Flood zone mapping ^ Glacier...

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