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Catalogue excerpts

PRO APF Series RCLI/TDZI/REXI - LED, ICAO Runway centerline/touchdown zone/rapid exit taxiway indicator light Compliances: ICAO Annex 14 Vol. 1 and Part 4 IEC: TS 61827 NATO: STANAG 3316 FAA: AC 150/5345-46: Current Edition* FAA: EB67 Current Edition *Complies with all structural and environmental requirements. Applications The RCLI/TDZI light acts as a runway centerline and touchdown zone light. The RCL is a bidirectional light, typically white/white or white/red. The TDZI is a white unidirectional light. RCLI/TDZI may be used for any category ICAO, or military runway. The REXI is installed on the runway and is used to indicate the distance to go to the nearest rapid exit taxiway. This is typically six yellow lights adjacent to the runway centerline, configured as a three - two - one sequence spaced 100 meters apart. Features ■ New Wavetrac™ technology reduces power consumption up to 80% compared to incandescent ■ Long life LED technology with rated projected life greater than 50,000 hours at 6.6A ■ Dust- and watertight to IP68 ■ Modular design makes fixtures easy to maintain with fewer parts to stock ■ Engineering Brief 67 current edition compliant dimming curve ■ High frequency 400 Hz PWM helps eliminate flicker perception ■ Compatible with all known CCR types* ■ 3.5 Crest factor ensures compatibility with Series CCRs ■ 10kV/5kA surge protection ■ -40°C to +85°C operating temperature ensures safe movement of aircraft in the most challenging locations ■ Failure monitoring of fixtures ■ 0.88 second switch-on time ■ IEC Style 3, 6-13mm low protusion housing ■ Low profile, <0.25" (6.35mm) -FAA Style 3 ■ Optional arctic kit (patent pending) *Operates with Thyristor (Series) CCRs across 6 or 8 steps for ICAO. Ordering Information Fixture type: RCLI = Runway centerline TDZI = Touchdown zone REXI = Rapid exit taxiway indicator light Color:- W/W = White/white (RCLI) W/R = White/red (RCLI) Y/N = Yellow/no light source (REXI) W/N = White/no light source (TDZI) R/N = Red/no light source (RCLI) ICAO figure:- 05 = ICAO Fig. A2-5 (TDZI) CAT I and CAT II 06 = ICAO Fig. A2-6 (RCLI/REXI) CAT III 07 = ICAO Fig. A2-7 (RCLI/REXI) CAT III R7 = ICAO Fig. A2-7 (RCLI/REXI) CAT I and CAT II Fixture dimension: 08S = IEC compliant 203mm/8" straight 08R = IEC compliant 203mm/8" right toe (TDZI only) 08L = IEC compliant 203mm/8" left toe (TDZI only) Plug options: P1 = One plug P2 = Two plugs (RCLI only) B1 = One plug, lamp bypass enabled* Heater options: 0 = No options 1 = Arctic kit Gasket options: 0 = No options 1 = Gasket 1 (C.H. Canister #22537) Contact factory for other gasket sizing. * A larger 65W transformer is recommended if this option is chosen. For arctic kit, a 100W transformer is recommended. F>T'N CROUSE-HINDS

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Outline Drawings Dimensions: Instruction manual: Shipping weight: Shipping volume: *Order base separately. Photometric Data Power factor at all steps R7, 2-7 (CAT I/II) RCLI R or RW or WR 8.1 11.5 17.5 *Use 65W transformer with B1 option. **Use 10W/15W transformer on each side with P2 option. ***Use 30W/45W in place of 10W/15W, 65W in place of 20W/25W and 100W in place of 65W with the arctic kit option. Accessories & Renewal Parts Item description Catalog number Item description Catalog number LED module replacements – white Power supply replacement kit with arctic kit support Feed through assembly LED...

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