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Catalogue excerpts

A WEATHER VISUALIZATION AND NOWCASTING SYSTEM BASED ON TOTAL LIGHTNING DETECTION Radar is an invaluable tool in weather forecasting, alerting and research; however, gaps in coverage exist due to geographic limitations of the technology. Forget what you’ve heard about radar. No matter how remote your locations are, our PulseRad radar alternative will find you and give you an interactive map of convective weather. We’re changing up the radar game, especially for areas of the world that lack the financial and technical resources to deploy, operate and maintain traditional radar. EXTENDED RADAR COVERAGE Access to radar coverage where traditional radar coverage is incomplete or non-existent INTERACTIVE MAPS Convective weather, and future non-convective weather forecasting with accuracy and reliability ADVANCED WARNING AND NOWCASTING Up to the minute proxy radar coverage enables earlier alerts and prolonged reaction time reducing vulnerability of less developed regions MAINTENANCE FREE Minimal operational requirements and costs COST EFFECTIVE Low cost solution for developing countries with growing economies that lack the infrastructure to maintain traditional radar

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PULSERADSM SOLUTION KEY FEATURES RADAR ALTERNATIVE FOR THE MOST REMOTE AREAS • Earth Networks Total Lightning Network® (ENTLN) • Interactive Storm Map • Dangerous Storm Indicator • Flood and Drought Assessment • Flexible System Design PulseRad is the first practical radar alternative capable of coverage on a national and continental scale. The system generates imagery that is comparable to radar and updates up to four times faster than traditional radar. With its extended range, PulseRad provides enhanced coverage over areas that radar may not capture, such as mountainous and oceanic regions. EARTH...

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