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Industry Overview AIRPORT OPERATIONS SOLUTIONS PROTECT GROUND OPERATIONS AND AIRPORT FACILITIES Severe weather impacts all aspects of airport operations. Protect crew and passengers and safeguard capital assets with the world’s best weather data products and services. We’ll put together a custom technology solution to help you achieve all your goals. OVERVIEW Convective events pose significant risk to aircraft, crew and passengers while in flight as well as during approach, arrival and departure; and this risk extends to ground operations. Airports are typically at risk from lightning strikes due to their open landscape and the presence of towers and antennae. Having accurate and timely weather and lightning information is crucial to ensure optimal operations and keep ground crews as safe as possible. Airports must be equipped with advanced equipment and technology for weather monitoring, advanced warning of lightning and severe weather alerting. BENEFITS Accessing updated, local weather conditions; watching weather as it happens in real time; and receiving prompt alerts on a webbased system during weather events is significant, it enables us to respond more efficiently CUSTOMIZED WEATHER DASHBOARD Our web-based monitoring, visualization and alerting platform shows current weather conditions that are relevant to your operations in an easy to use interface—on your computer or mobile device METEOROLOGICAL SERVICES We have our own expert team of meteorologists for round-the-clock weather forecasts in providing information and making decisions that keep safety our number-one priority.” Cyrus Callum, Operations Department, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority ADVANCED WARNINGS Our total lightning network not only provides warnings for in-cloud lightning, but also helps predict wind shear and downbursts. An extra, 20/20 pair of eyes on the skies where you operate GET LIGHTNING ALERTS 50% FASTER Leverage the first commercially available outdoor mass notification system that is fully integrated with in-cloud and cloudto-ground lightning detection techn

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AIRPORT OPERATIONS SOLUTIONS KEY PRODUCTS • Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts • Meteorological Services • Sferic Maps • Sferic Mobile ACCESS TO THE WORLD’S BEST LIGHTNING DETECTION TECHNOLOGIES Airport operations professionals such as air traffic controllers, ground crew, and air carrier operations will benefit from our flexible integrated options for reducing weather-related risks. KEY FEATURES • Reduce crew and passenger injuries • Ensure operational continuity • Avoid aircraft damage from hail and lightning strikes • Minimize false alarms • Improve on-time performance • Get detailed...

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