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Product Overview MEASURE HYPER-LOCAL REAL-TIME WEATHER CONDITIONS AT YOUR LOCATION A state-of-the-art, commercial-grade weather station that tracks 27 different parameters from your business and provides the most accurate in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning detection. OVERVIEW Built to withstand and measure all kinds of weather, our Weather Station requires very little maintenance, is fully automated and all components interface with a host of Earth Networks applications. Should there be a maintenance problem, issues can be evaluated and diagnosed remotely by calling our unlimited-usage toll-free technical support service. The Weather Station includes a comprehensive one-year warranty. BENEFITS Last year, we had an Earth Networks Station installed here at our school. One day, we had field day scheduled with a lot of outdoor activities. After learning about the potential for severe weather, we stayed weather aware thanks to our station. We were able to be proactive and moved students inside to prevent heat exhaustion. We were also able to avoid the severe storms that rolled through that day thanks to the radar screen. fl^ EXTENSIVE CAPABILITIES Optimal for schools, airports, stadiums, parks, golf courses, amusement parks and a myriad of other locations that require up-to-the-second weather data. .-Ai. HYPER-LOCALIZED O WEATHER Localized weather ensures you have the accurate information you need to make informed decisions. ni. ANALYSIS OF CURRENT CONDITIONS ©WORLD’S LARGEST WEATHER NETWORK With an Earth Networks weather station installed at your facility, you automatically join the world’s largest network of professional-grade, real-time weather sensors. REAL-TIME VARIABLES □□□ Observations continuously update every 2 seconds, so you get the most up-to-date information. PAN TILT ZOOM CAMERA TJ Winklemann, Hillcrest STEAM Academy Gathers and analyzes 27 key atmospheric conditions - including temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity and more. Provides HD live images that make it possible for facilities to monitor critical assets and community infrastructure during weather events and day-to-day operations.

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EARTH NETWORKS' KEY FEATURES • Wind Sensor • Lightning Sensor (Optional) • Sensor Shelter • Rain Gauge • Network Appliance • Weather Display (Optional) • PTZ HD Camera (Optional) WEATHER STATION WITH LIGHTNING SENSOR AND PTZ HD CAMERA JOIN THE WORLD’S LARGEST NETWORK OF HYPERLOCAL WEATHER STATIONS Whether you’re monitoring heat and humidity levels to protect individuals outdoors, measuring rainfall to determine how to treat agriculture, or monitoring neighborhood-level weather conditions for public safety; access to real-time, local weather conditions is critical. WEATHER STATION KEY FEATURES Weather...

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