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Catalogue excerpts

EARTH NETWORKS' Product Overview DANGEROUS THUNDERSTORM ALERTS THE INDUSTRY’S BEST SEVERE STORM ALERTS-POWERED BY OUR GLOBAL LIGHTNING NETWORK Act faster to protect lives and assets with our most technologically-advanced severe storm notifications. Earth Networks total lightning detection makes it possible to deliver advanced warning of severe weather with our exclusive and patented Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts (DTAs). OVERVIEW DTAs provide warnings for the most dangerous of storms and are the most critical type of severe weather alert delivered by the Earth Networks Total Lightning Network®. The use of total lighting (in-cloud and cloud-to-ground) detection provides significantly better indication of storm severity over cloud-to-ground strikes independently. Earth Networks uses total lightning data within sophisticated algorithms to generate DTAs automatically. I was able to click on my county and see an Earth Networks Dangerous Thunderstorm Alert that provided the nature of the storm, the approximate time the storm would be impacting our area, and instructions to seek shelter! Wow! Equip critical weather personnel with turnkey solutions that constantly monitor dangerous weather conditions and issue customized alerts in real-time. Receive WMO-compliant Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) text alerts automatically in real-time providing up to 45 minutes of advanced alerting. Access DTAs anywhere in the world to help detect high rates of lightning globally, which indicates increased potential for dangerous conditions. MULTIPLE INDUSTRY o-Q-o USE CASES DTAs offer essential alerting and protection solutions across developed and developing regions, as well as many industries including airport operations, government, energy and utilities, broadcast, outdoor recreation and insurance and telematics.

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DANGEROUS THUNDERSTORM ALERTS KEY FEATURES • DTA Alert Polygons • Use of Total Lightning • Automated delivery and alerting DANGEROUS THUNDERSTORM ALERTS ARE 50% FASTER THAN OTHER ALERTS Remove the burden of decision-making with the industry’s fastest alerts. Our automated alerts enable significant early warning capabilities on quickly-forming storm cells and provide relevant storm parameter detail such as speed, direction and lightning intensity. CONNECT WITH US For more than 20 years Earth Networks has operated the world’s largest and most comprehensive weather observation, lightning detection,...

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