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HELICOPTER АК 1-3 - 49 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts


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CONTENT INTRODUCTION SECTION 01 GENERAL INFORMATION ON HELICOPTER SECTION 02 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS SECTION 03 BASIC AIRCRAFT PERFORMANCE SECTION 05 RESOURCES AND SERVICE LIFE. MAINTENANCE SECTION 06 DIMENSIONS AND AREAS SECTION 11 WRITING AND STENCIL SECTION 12 HELICOPTER MAINTENANCE ANNEXES: (A) Aircraft performance (B) List of basic purchased integrated parts (C) List of technical documentation attached to the helicopter (D) Single set of spare tools and accessories (E) Group set of spare tools and accessories (F) Set of tools and devices recommended for helicopter maintenance (G) Set of spare...

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INTRODUCTION 1. This Standard Specification for helicopter AK1-3 is developed and compiled by DB Aerocopter Ltd. On this basis the content of the document in whole and any information contained herein shall be the property (owned) of DB Aerocopter Ltd. and shall not be changed without the written consent of the LLC “CD Aerocopter”. 2. Helicopter AK1-3, as described in this Standard specification is regarded as a standard one. Standard specification for helicopter AK1-3 defines the basic requirements for the helicopter. 3. Changes to Specification (hereinafter referred to as Options) offered to...

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SECTION 01. GENERAL INFORMATION ON HELICOPTER 01.10.00 General provisions Helicopter АК1-3 is made according to single-rotor configuration с 3-blade lifting and 2blade anti-torque (anti-torque tail) propellers. Helicopter’s appearance is given on Photo 01-01 and 01-02. General arrangement drawing of the helicopter in three dimensions is given in Fig. 01-01. 01.20.00 Type and application of the helicopter Helicopter АК1-3 is designed for the airborne surveillance, one passenger transportation, and helicopter flight technique initial training for pilots. 01.30.00 Type and number of engines There...

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Photo 01-01 Head-on view Photo 01-02 Back view

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Fig. 01-01 General view of the helicopter АК1-3

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SECTION 02. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS 02.10.00 Standard specification function Standard specification for the helicopter type (hereinafter referred to as specification) defines the basic requirements for the helicopter and constitutes an Annex to the Agreement for supply of helicopter and basic document for acceptance-delivery. 02.20.00 Changes to specification 02.20.01 Changes with regard to the helicopter type have the following classification: – major changes; – secondary changes; – sonic and emissive changes. 02.20.02 In the course of the helicopter production the Manufacturer reserves the right...

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02.40.00 Certification 02.40.01 Helicopter АК1-3 is designed in accordance with the certification basis СБ АК1-3, developed on the basis of: – Standard category helicopters flight worthiness provision of Aviation regulations, Part 27 (АП-27); – Aircraft engine flight worthiness provision of Aviation regulations, Part 33 (АП-33). 02.40.02 Helicopter type certification was performed by the State Service of Ukraine for Aviation Safety in accordance with the aircraft certification procedure, Part 21 of the Aviation Regulations of Ukraine (ARU-21), with the issuance of Certificate of type № ТП 0008...

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SECTION 03. BASIC AIRCRAFT PERFORMANCE 03.10.00 Aircraft performance All aircraft characteristics are given for the helicopter gross weight of 650 kg. - Maximum forward flight never-exceed velocity, km/h    180 - Maximum climb capability, m/s    8,5 - Rate of descent upon planning in autorotation regime, Vch , km/h    90 - Minimum descent velocity upon planning in autorotation regime, m/s    8,4 - Maximum descent velocity upon planning in autorotation regime, m/s    10 - Maximum endurance fora H=0...500 m with account for 10% of en-route fuel reserve, h    2,6 - Maximum flying distance with account...

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03.40.00 Centering characteristics Longitudinal center-of-gravity permissible range: - extreme forward (in front of rotor axis), mm    80 - extreme aft (behind the rotor axis), mm    -45 Empty helicopter longitudinal center-of-gravity, mm    -161 03.50.00 Engine data Number, type and identification of engines: a four-stroke four-cylinder piston engine EJ-25 with opposed cylinders and liquid cooling, adapted and modified according to the design 03.50.01 Basic engine data: Cubic capacity, cm3    2457 Engine base weight, kg    110 Maximum rating: Power, kW (hp)    115 (156) Specific fuel consumption,...

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Engine overall dimensions: - length, m - height, m - width, m Engine operating limitations: Engine continuous run time: - under maximum rating, s, not more than - under maximum continuous power - under idle conditions Cooling liquid temperature: Geometric characteristics of the airscrews Rotor geometric characteristics (R): - rotor diameter, m - number of blades, pcs - lifting blade chord, m - blade section, (section type) - blade configuration in plan Antitorque rotor geometric characteristics (AR): - rotor diameter, m - number of blades, pcs. - tail blade chord, m - blade section, (section type) Altitude...

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Table 1 Тр.1 (h.) Product name and code - / 2 years (under date of battery production) Electrical battery Varley RedTop 25 According to data sheet for fire extinguisher High tension lead 22451АА Main pulley clutch Mercedes Benz 1234110015 Тр.1 - resource until 1st repair Тс.1 - service life until 1st repair Тр.м – basic overhaul time Тс.м - overhaul period Тр.н - assigned life Тс.н - assigned service life h. In addition, part of the helicopter components should be replaced in the course of regular maintenance with frequency specified in Regulations for helicopter А

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05.10.05 Option. It is possible to extend the Manufacturer’s warranty liabilities term in excess of Standard warranty upon agreement with the Customer. 05.20.01 Scope and frequency of helicopter maintenance are set forth in Regulations for helicopter AK1-3 maintenance. Regulations provide for the following types of maintenance: 05.20.02 Operative maintenance. Includes: a). Pre-flight maintenance. Should be performed immediately prior to flight in accordance with flight day tasks and includes the helicopter inspection, conformance inspection of filling procedure, tanking, and aircraft availability...

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