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Catalog excerpts


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Complete Toolset for Design Space Exploration Solve complex engineering problems with a full set of highly-interconnected tools for Design Space Exploration in an easy-to-use graphical user interface. Significantly reduce design lead time and improve your product characteristics with automatic selection of advanced algorithms and techniques for Design Space Exploration. Powerful Workflow Engine Formalize your product development processes and improve collaboration between different departments with the powerful workflow engine. From a technical point of view From a business point of view • Innovative...

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DESIGN SPACE EXPLORATIO Data & Model Analysis pSeven provides full control over data originated from various sources and rich post-processing capabilities for its exploration, including various visualization and statistics instruments, as well as a set of advanced tools for model analysis: • Design of Experiments • Sensitivity Analysis • Dimension Reduction • Uncertainty Quantification Design Optimization pSeven allows to efficiently solve optimization problems both with analytical models that are fast to evaluate and computationally expensive CAE simulations. The most efficient optimization algorithm...

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Process Automation Multidisciplinary optimization workflow pSeven is a platform that allows to capture even the most complex design processes by integrating tools for Design Space Exploration and CAD/CAE software you are using into a single workflow, define its logic and collect, manage and reuse engineering data. CAD/CAE Integration Direct and general integration blocks pSeven supports direct integration for popular major CAD/CAE systems, like ANSYS, FloEFD, SolidWorks, NX and others. You can also integrate almost any other software using generic integration blocks and text file, for example,...

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Multi-Objective Optimization of Aircraft Family Objective • Optimize a family of 3 airplanes at the conceptual design stage to ensure minimal model modification and related costs at later stages. Challenges • High dimensionality: 9 objective functions, 12 design variables, 33 nonlinear constraints. • Problem considered unmanageable by human. Solution • Gradient-based multiobjective optimization. • Integration of in-house simulation tools. Benefit • -T 5% performance improvement. • ^ 20% design time reduction. Optimization of Formula-1 Composite Side Panel Objective • Minimize mass of a car side panel...

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DATADVANCE About Us DATADVANCE is an independent software developer that offers its customers software solutions and consulting services for intellectual data analysis, design optimization and predictive modeling. We collaborate with leading global software vendors, research centers and universities to continuously innovate and improve our products. Our Origins DATADVANCE originates from joint projects between Airbus Group, a global leader in the aerospace industry, and Institute for Information Transmission Problems, one of the leading mathematical centers worldwide. Contacts DATADVANCE SAS 42...

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