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Centerhung Scoreboards

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Centerhung Scoreboards

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Southwest Minnesota State University Marshall, Minnesota BB-2104 Standard Four-sided Scoreboards Keep the focus on the court with a centerhung scoreboard suspended above the floor. These four-sided displays all feature Daktronics industry-leading LED technology packaged inside a durable, lightweight aluminum cabinet. Each side features information such as period time, HOME and GUEST scores, PERIOD, possession and bonus indicators. Choose from a wide range of model options to fit the needs of your facility, regardless the size of your venue or sports played. Score for these sports:...

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HOME E HOM›› Display individual player points and fouls O› H›ME Count down the Time Outs Left ›› Celebrate team spirit or recognize a valued sponsor on the scoreboard face ›› Score numerous sports with optional caption kits HO HO M ›› Score volleyball andMEE wrestling with ›› Score volleyballHOOME wrestling with and H included Score/Match captions HOMEE ›› Count down the Time Outs Left ›› Celebrate team spirit or recognize a GUES GU includedESScore/Match captions T ›› Celebrate team spirit or recognize a valued sponsor on the scoreboard face ›› Track Time Outs Left with optional TOL digits...

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Scoreboard corner panel Canvas floor Tapered corner Identification locations Daktronics gives you the ability to add school identification, team name or mascot logos to the scoreboard corner panels and tapered corners to customize the centerhung to your specific venue. Boldly brand your facility or generate additional revenue and recognize sponsors. Finish the underside of the centerhung with aluminum or canvas. The canvas floor option provides exceptional real estate for arena or team identification and branding.

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Neosho High School Neosho, Missouri BB-2107 @ 2 Carthage High School Carthage, Missouri BB-2108 Meridian High School Macon, Illinois BB-3127

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HOME HOME HOME HOME Message Display integration Seamlessly integrate message displays into the centerhung to keep fans informed and entertained throughout the game. Easily show any combination of crowd prompts, exciting animations and statistical information from the All Sport® controller or DakStats® software on the message display, while keeping essential game information visible at all times. Featured on either two or four sides of the centerhung, these full-color message displays will ensure fans are fired-up for games from start to finish.

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Kayenta Unified School District Kayenta, Arizona Custom Centerhung: BB-2103 @ 4, 64x128-23 @ 4 Chinle Sports Complex Chinle, Arizona Custom Centerhung: BB-2121 @ 4, 64x128-23 @ 4 Holy Cross School New Orleans, Louisiana Custom Centerhung: BB-2103 @ 2, BB-2142 @ 2, 32x112-20 @ 2

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CENTERHUNG INSTALLATION Centerhung displays are designed and manufactured in our factory in Brookings, South Dakota, ready to be installed into your facility. Choose from two primary installation options to fit the needs of the facility. Static suspension systems hold the scoreboard securely in place with cables attached to the centerhung and structural framework of the facility. Electrical hoist systems raise and lower the centerhung to accommodate different event configurations and simplify servicing while maintaining safety requirements.

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East Mississippi Community College Scooba, Mississippi BB-2126 Easy on-floor assembly System flexibility allows centerhung displays to be easily assembled on the ground before lifted into position. This significantly decreases installation cost and time. University of St Thomas St Paul, Minnesota BB-2126, VS-2020 scoreboard hoist Centerhung rigging Engineered to support significant overhead loads, Daktronics centerhung rigging meets the highest standards within the industry. Each hoist is engineered and structurally reviewed on the principal of single-point failure prevention. Cabot High...

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Above: Central High School Aberdeen, South Dakota Custom Centerhung Right: Top to Bottom Golden State Warriors—Oakland, California University of Cincinnati–Cincinnati, Ohio University of Kansas—Lawrence, Kansas University of Minnesota—Minneapolis, Minnesota Custom Centerhung solutions Daktronics can design and build any scoreboard or scoring display to fit your facility's need. A display with a unique number of sides, player statistics displays or integrated video is all possible with a custom centerhung solutio

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Bethel Park School District Bethel Park, Pennsylvania Custom Centerhung: BB-2103 @4, SD-2102 @ 4 Liberty North High School Liberty, Missouri Custom Centerhung: BB-2121 @ 2, SD-2102 @ 4, 192x320-10 @ 2 Sheridan Community College Sheridan, Wyoming Custom Centerhung: BB-3107 @ 2, SD-3103 @ 4 Ganado High School Ganado, Arizona Custom Centerhung: BB-2103 @ 4, SD-2101 @ 8

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Cover: Maquoketa High School Maquoketa, Iowa BB-2108 201 Daktronics Drive PO Box 5128 Brookings, SD 57006-5128 1-800-DAKTRONICS 800-325-8766 605-692-0200 fax 605-697-4746 email AIl Sport® and DakStats® are trademarks of Daktronics. DD2628072 REV00 091113

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