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Towable Passenger Stairs
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Catalog excerpts

TOWABLE PASSENGER STAIRS MODEL: CT-PS380T TOWABLE PASSENGER STAIRS MODEL NO.: CT-PS380T  INTRODUCTION The model CT-PS380T is a special type of towable passenger stairs designed by CARTOO GSE for airport passenger boarding service. The unit is equipped on towable chassis with hydraulic motor driving system with features of convenient operation and maintenance freely. The stairs adopt many well known spares for reliable quality performance. the work height range of the stairs are from 2000mm to 380mm which can be suitable for most of commercial aircrafts. It can be widely used for airports or airliners with good appearance.

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TOWABLE PASSENGER STAIRS MODEL: CT-PS380T  EQUIPMENT STANDARD 1. MH/T6029-2003 Aircraft Passenger Stairs Reference material for Civil Aircraft Ground Support Equipment Basic requirement of Aircraft Ground Support Equipment Basic safety requirement of Aircraft Ground Support Equipment Standard Controls Basic requirements for Towing vehicle Interface (HITCH) Functional specification for Telescopic passenger Stairs Design and Safety principle of Passenger stairs  WORK CONDITIONS 1. Altitude: 2. Ambient Temperature: 3. Wind speed:  TECHNICAL PARAMETERS 1. Lifting range of work platform 3. Work...

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TOWABLE PASSENGER STAIRS MODEL: CT-PS380T 14. Upper platform side panel height 15. Total load capacity of stairs Total load capacity of steps Upper platform load capacity 16. Overall dimension (LxWxH) ❖ MAIN FRAME AND CONFIGURATION The PS380T Towable passenger stairs mainly consists of towable chassis frame, fixed stairs, sliding stairs, lifting mechanism, hydraulic system and electric system, etc. Towable chassis frame Japanese Origin YANMAR Diesel Engine o Model No.: 3TNV70-SSY o Type: Three cylinder, Four stroke, Water coolant, Straight line o Displacement: 0.854L o Max output power: 10kw /...

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TOWABLE PASSENGER STAIRS MODEL: CT-PS380T Hydraulic driving system 2. Activity Ladders The complete ladder part connects with the chassis frame through hinges behind the ladder body. The parallel four-sided mechanism ensures that the step remains horizontal. The step uses anti-skid chequered aluminum panels in thickness of 4mm. The side panels are covered with double-side aluminum plastic plates and it is equipped with stainless steel hand rails and LED lights. 3. Upper Platform The platform was covered with anti-skid chequered aluminum panels in thickness of 4mm. The front end has D-type Rubber...

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TOWABLE PASSENGER STAIRS MODEL: CT-PS380T height of 1100mm and traveling movement (forward to back) 1100mm. 4. Lifting mechanism The lifting mechanism mainly consists of main lifting cylinder, detent cylinder, locking mechanism, etc. The lifting hydraulic cylinder is the power cylinder of the lifting mechanism, the lifting cylinder is provided with a hydraulic lock, detent cylinder and the locking mechanism which is safety protection devices and function as a double lock. 5. Hydraulic system The hydraulic system consists of hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinders, stabilizers, traveling motor, hydraulic...

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TOWABLE PASSENGER STAIRS _MODEL: CT-PS380T 8. Options o Fire extinguishers in 4Kgs o Emergency electrical pump o Plastic cover on hand rails of stairs o Semi-closed water proof canopy 9. Shipping documents, Special tools & Standard Spares supply with shipment

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