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Catalogue excerpts

c carmanah® The LED PAPI is the most advanced on the market and has the widest range of configurations: •Visible and IR output •Portable and permanent •ICAO / FAA / STANAG Compliant •Several power options Applications Permanent airfields Temporary airfields Emergency airfields Military & NVG operations Advanced Optics The PAPI and the Abbreviated PAPI (APAPI) use patented, LED-based optics to achieve the lowest power consumption, highest intensity and sharpest white/red transition. It exceeds ICAO / FAA / STANAG requirements to provide a clear approach path to the aviator. Easy Installation The PAPI works equally well in permanent or temporary locations. Permanent mounting is easy with standard frangible mounting. Temporary deployment is fast with retractable legs and a lightweight, compact form factor. Power Supply Versatility The low power consumption of the PAPI makes it mate well with several available power supplies: • Solar kit • Generator kit • Battery kit • AC only Controllable Optional wireless control provides on-demand operation from    REPRESENTED IN YOUR REGION BY: up to 4 km (2.5 m) away. There is also 3 and 5-step, wired control and local control available. Trusted Deployed around the globe, from military to civilian airfields and from the Middle East to the Arctic Circle, the PAPI has proven it is robust. LED keypad and LED indicators designed for use with gloves. Removable, replaceable antenna. Carmanah Technologies Corp. | carmanahairports.com | 1.250.380.0052 | airports@carmanah.com

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• 4 km (2.5 m) control range • 900 MHz with encrypted signal • Control 8 groups of lights independently OPTIONAL HANDHELD CONTROLLER US and International patents apply. Other patents pending. ’'Carmanah'' and Carmanah logo are trademarks of Carmanah Technologies Corp. Options: carrying case, tactical battery pack, tilt switch (for FAA), low temperature arctic kit, custom chassis color Specifications subject to local environmental conditions. Specifications may be subject to change. Carmanah is a Canadian public corporation - TSX:CMH © 2017, Carmanah Technologies Corp. Document: AVIA_PAPI _Spec_Sheet_RevD

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