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ERGL - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

SOLAR ELEVATED RUNWAY GUARD LIGHT Carmanah's Solar Elevated Runway Guard Light (ERGL) provides a distinctive warning to pilots that they are approaching a runway holding position and are about to enter an active runway. The ERGL has a high intensity LED light source and is powered by our industry leading solar engine power supply (SEPS). • Provides 24-hour unidirectional marking at runway and taxiway intersections • Installs in minutes and can be relocated just as quickly • Includes LED lights, frangible column and tether • Fixture flash-rate is controlled from an intelligent lighting control system module located in the SEPS; alternating flashes, 45-50 per minute • Can be aimed both vertically and horizontally and has an adjustable Light Beam: 0° to 20° vertically; ±20° horizontally • Significant reduction of maintenance costs and relamping expenses through long-lasting LED technology - average LED life of 56,000 hours under high-intensity conditions and more than 100,000 hours under actual operating conditions • Engineered for reliable performance, the Energy Management System (EMS) monitors and adapts brightness to environmental conditions for consistent operation and long life under tough conditions • Autonomy (operation without solar charging) 7+ days -scalable to meet requirements up to 40 days • Battery life: 5+ years SEPS Models The ERGL is available in two SEPS models: Standard and Wireless. With the standard SEPS, the unit will activate automatically between dawn and dusk with pre-set illumination. The wirelessly controlled SEPS allows the unit to be activated remotely via a handheld controller. Fixture Construction The ERGL fixture is fabricated from corrosion-resistant materials and all exterior surfaces are painted aviation yellow for added protection and visibility. Includes high-strength ERGL base plate. The two ERGL light sources are surrounded by a black face plate and independent visors to reduce the amount of incident sunlight, thereby maximizing the contrast during the LED ON/ OFF cycle. Installation ERGL systems are typically installed in pairs with one unit on either side of the taxiway holding position.The ERGL should be installed according to FaA AC 150/5340-30.The SEPS should be installed on a level concrete pad within 20 feet of the ERGL. For a temporary application, the wiring between the SEPS and the ERGL can be above ground. Both the ERGL and SEPS contain side conduits for cabling access. REPRESENTED IN YOUR REGION BY: Carmanah Technologies Corp. | carmanahairports.com | 1.250.380.0052 | airports@carmanah.com

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OPERATING CONDITIONS Temperature Withstands wind velocities up to 480 kph (300 mph) SOLAR ELEVATED RUNWAY GUARD LIGHT SOLAR ENGINE POWER SUPPLY (SEPS) Installed weight Shipping weight Installed dimensions* 759 H x 1089 W x 441 D mm 29.9 H x 42.9 W x 17 D in .4 * with wireless antenna at 55° tilt Shipping dimensions Box 1 (SEPS) Box 2 (battery) WIRELESS Range Control, On-demand Mode - Seamless integration with existing Carmanah wireless solar products - Up to 8 independent groups. - Flash Mode, Emergency Mode, Autonomous Mode - On-demand Temporary Mode (High, Medium, and Low), Configuration Mode,...

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