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ZEISS Metrology Software Overview

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When you find easy solutions to challenging tasks. ZEISS Metrology Software

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One system for every task ZEISS software: overview Standard geometries Options for ZEISS CALYPSO Evaluate curves ZEISS CALYPSO CAD import CAD import options DMIS DMIS import and Evaluate freeform surfaces DMIS export Universal metrology software focused on standard geometries Parts families qs-STAT Export for qs-STAT Generate measurement PRESET Erosion electrodes plans off-line Measure random samples BASIC AUTOMATION Standard automation PTI Polygon clamping devices BLADE PRO Turbine blades GEAR PRO Gear metrology

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Freeform surfaces Quality Page 16 data management    Page 20 Other CI Pi CO ZEISS colin3D Optical 3D capture and 3D analysis RE ZEISS CALIGO Universal metrology software focused on freeform surfaces ZEISS PiWeb Reporting, statistics and quality data management ZEISS REVERSE ENGINEERING Reverse engineering, tool correction ■ ZEISS PiWeb reporting / ZEISS reporting plus Reporting and statistics ■ ZEISS PiWeb sbs Quality data management for small companies ■ ZEISS PiWeb enterprise Quality data management for large companies iDA MCC ZEISS iDA Off-line programming system for car body...

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Reference for standard geometries ZEISS CALYPSO With ZEISS CALYPSO, you will measure standard geometries easily, quickly and reliably. A single mouse click on the required characteristics is all that is needed for programming. In combination with measuring machines and sensors from ZEISS, you receive a high-performance system from a single source. Thanks to a large number of options, ZEISS CALYPSO also offers the right tools for special requirements.

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ZEISS CALYPSO Universal metrology software focused on standard geometries Highlights ■ The ZEISS CALYPSO characteristics strategy - the easy way to get from the drawing to the measurement • Automatic travel paths • Automatic, efficient measuring run, no recording of unnecessary features • CALYPSO PMI: automatic generation of measurement plans using product and manufacturing information in the CAD model • Includes ZEISS PiWeb reporting: professional and interactive • I++ DME interface for controlling measuring machines from other manufacturers A dedicated solution The drawing shows what...

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More flexibility ■ Generate measurement plans with ease and convenience - and in any order you want. • Change the sequence of measuring runs within your measurement plans the easy way. • Select any feature from the component drawing and let ZEISS CALYPSO perform an automatic partial measurement for you immediately. Automatic travel paths • The travel paths from one feature to another are generated automatically by ZEISS CALYPSO. This avoids collisions and saves you time when generating your measurement plan. Easier operation • ZEISS CALYPSO makes it easy to generate the characteristics...

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ZEISS CALYPSO Options CURVE Evaluate curves FREEFORM    PCM Evaluate freeform surfaces    Parts families ■ 2D and 3D curves ■ Known and unknown curves ■ Open and closed curves Whether turbo loaders, camshafts or screw compressors - the CURVE option makes it possible to evaluate freeform curves within the standard measuring environment of ZEISS CALYPSO. CURVE is suitable for the testing of known and unknown as well as open and closed 2D and 3D curves. Possible characteristics include curve slope, cam throw, curve length, curve form and surface area. CURVE displays results as, for example, a...

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ZEISS CALYPSO imports CAD data including stipulated tolerances (PMI) DMIS import and DMIS export • Options for the DMIS import and • Export of ZEISS CALYPSO result port into ZEISS CALYPSO DMIS export files for the qs-STAT statistics program Standard CAD formats can be directly The DMIS Import option can be used imported into ZEISS CALYPSO and then to import measuring programs into ZEISS qs-STAT converts measurement results used to generate measurement plans. CALYPSO in the programming language from ZEISS CALYPSO for further analysis Depending on your requirements, you can DMIS and convert...

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ZEISS CALYPSO Options Simulation of a measuring run with the PLANNER and SIMULATION options Generate measurement plans off-line Measure random samples • Off-line version of ZEISS CALYPSO • Simplified user interface and cus- • Programming without blocking the BASIC AUTOMATION • Standard automation solution tomized automation solutions • Digital I/O or PROFIBUS interface measuring machine FACS stands for Flexible Automation BASIC AUTOMATION makes it possible Use PLANNER to write measuring pro- Control System. It makes it possible to to integrate ZEISS measuring machines grams off-line. The...

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PRESET Erosion electrodes PTI Polygon clamping devices Turbine blades ■ External presetting of erosion electrodes to shorten setup times ■ Graphic user guidance With the PRESET erosion module you can measure offset and rotation when exchanging erosion electrodes in a matter of minutes. PRESET offers a collection of standard measurement plans. The graphic user guidance helps you configure the measuring run. CNC extensions are available for square and round basic geometries. ■ Standardized measurement of workpiece holders with polygon taper interface Manufacturers of PTI adapters use the...

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GEAR PRO Gear metrology Highlights ■ Graphic-supported input ■ CAD simulation of the measuring run ■ Active and passive sensors ■ Measurement with and without rotary table ■ Standard-compliant, automatic evaluation ■ Application-oriented reporting Gear metrology on the CMM Narrow tolerances are the only way for gear wheels to transfer forces quietly with almost no loss. The precision of production and gear tooth measurement must go hand in hand. The GEAR PRO option for ZEISS CALYPSO enables gear tooth measurements on coordinate measuring machines. The analytical 3D gear model and the...

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