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durability yo^e come to expect from Lowest Total Cost CargoComposites™ ULD: The perfect balance between light weight and durability The superior solution—The CargoComposites™ ULD (Unit Load Device) is the future of high-performance air cargo containers; leading the trend to replace traditional all-aluminum containers. The incredible toughness of the unique, all-composite upper structure is far more damage-tolerant than any other option available. Engineered to provide high performance at a reduced weight, the CargoComposites™ ULD* is reducing maintenance and fuel costs for customers throughout the world. The units survive the blistering heat of summer in the Arabian Gulf and the severe cold of the Arctic. CargoComposites™ ULDs have been proven to be highly resilient to the impacts that occur on a daily basis on cargo ramps — looking nearly new after years of operation. The patented AeroPlazllVl composite panels that form the body of the container are comprised of two tough, fiberglass/polypropylene composite skins thermofused to a resilient polypropylene honeycomb core. This combination of materials absorbs impact to an extraordinary degree and evenly deflects forces across the panels, reducing damage and significantly increasing uptime. The unique patented process, that closes and strengthens the edges of our panels, permits the joining of all sides of the containers using industry standard lockbolts. This eliminates the traditional damage- prone post and beam framework/superstructure that is used in both aluminum and thin-sheet composite ULDs Each CargoComposites™ ULD comes with a 3-year warranty. Zero Landfill Production CargoComposites™ ULD Features & Advantages ♦ Ultra-durable for long service life and rapid ROI • Resistant to weather, contamination and corrosion • Lower damage rates, reduced repair costs • Improve fleet efficiency with less downtime of units • Lighter construction provides fuel savings • Strong CurtainNet™ curtain requires no extra net • Environmentally friendly & 100% recyclable The Difference: Advanced Technology Thermo-fused polypropylene composite panel with honeycomb core Visit cargocomposites.com to calculate your savings by switching to CargoComposites1

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PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Model Tare Weight Metal Components Base Sheet 2.8 mm thick 7021 series aluminum Structural Metals All 7000 Series Aluminum for durability and ease of repair Body Panels 12.0 (0.47 in.) and 18.2 (0.72 in.) mm (0.50 in.) reinforced thermoplastic composite honeycomb core panel. 18mm (.72 in.) reinforced thermoplastic composite honeycomb core panel in top, aft, and lower outboard locations. Composite skin material self-extinguishes and meets all requirements of FAR 25 horizontal burn test. Structural Summary Frameless honeycomb composite panels with self reinforcing...

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