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Cameron 6 Corporate-Brochure - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Corporate Balloons When was the last time you saw someone take a photograph of a billboard? The Choice of Experienced Pilots

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Wouldn’t you like your brand image in your customers’ photo albums? Why Implement a Hot Air Balloon Program? Excitement Hot Air balloons create excitement that attracts and holds attention. More than five million spectators annually attend hundreds of balloon events nationwide, and many millions more witness their presence in the skies over urban centers all over North America and Europe. Broad Appeal Hot Air balloons are universally fascinating, regardless of the spectator's age, income, gender, or occupation. Balloons are spectacular to watch, colorful and alive, and appeal to the romantic adventurer...

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conditions. ? Hot air balloons can be tethered at night so that their logos flow like giant ‘Chinese lanterns’. ? Hot air balloons may carry passengers. Depending on the size and type of balloon, a hot air balloon may provide a unique passenger experience for as little as one, or as many as 16, persons. ? Given the public fascination with Hot air balloons, they provide the 'hook' or opportunity to tell your story to the media. Owing to the flexibility of balloon aircraft, they may function in a number of ways that accomplish myriad marketing objectives. visual means of demonstrating good corporate...

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“Balloons, for what they cost, have given us more promotional value than a hundred times as much spent on advertising” – Malcomb Forbes ever received a picture of your newspaper advertisement replicated in a hand-drawn rendition colored by a child? Hot air balloons make a genuine impact on those who witness them. The identity of the balloon is not soon forgotten. Favorable Impressions Given their colorful and exciting nature, commercial hot air balloons are not regarded by spectators as crass commercialism. Hot air balloons are not characterized by the criticism currently leveled at some other...

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Define the Goals of the Program Balloonist or Corporate Balloon Operator? This is an all-important step. There should be clear goals for the program in terms of geographic scope (local, regional, national, or international), types of venues to attend (balloon events, community events, sporting events, trade shows, or custom-made media events, etc.). There should also be a clear plan for the priorities of the program such as dominating specific key While there are thousands of very capable professional balloon pilots across the country, not all of them focus their attention on the needs of corporate...

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Could your company benefit from the excitement and positive impressions a balloon program generates? Marketing Opportunities A good operator will take advantage of unplanned marketing opportunities that crop up along the way. Whether an invitation from a local media source, an opportunity for a photo shoot, or a local event that fits with the schedule; such operators will coordinate quickly with 'head office' to make best use of these opportunities. Where Can Balloons Operate? Balloons are registered with the FAA and have similar 'rights' to the airspace as other aircraft. However, local city...

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Client List (partial) Nevada Bell Telephone Nikon Cameras Northern Telecom Ocean Spray Olympus Cameras (2) Pepsi (2) Phar-Mor Drugstores Pizza Hut (2) Porter Paint (8) Post Cereal Ray-O-Vac Batteries (2) Safeway, Inc. (2) Southwest Airlines Swatch Watch Thrifty Nickel Newspaper (2) ViewSonic Corporation (Monitors) Wendy's Restaurants (2) Winston Cigarettes (2) Wonderbread Yashica Cameras (2) Yoplait Yogurt (4) FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Allstate Insurance Apple Bank American Express Bank of America (2) Bank One Citizen's Bank (2) Coldwell Banker Cooperators Insurance Farmers Insurance First Federal...

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CORPORATE HOT AIR BALLOONS Below is a selection of balloon photos built by Cameron Balloons for our corporate clients. The Choice of Experienced Pilots Cameron Balloons U.S. P.O. Box 3672 Ann Arbor, MI 48106 Phone: 866.423.6178 or 734.426.5525 Fax: 866.423.6179 or 734.426.5026 hotline@cameronballoons.com www.cameronballoons.com

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