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Cameron 4 TECH SPECS-TS15-1A - 6 Pages

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Cameron 4 TECH SPECS-TS15-1A
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Catalog excerpts

FUEL TANKS Current Tanks Tool-free ACME fittings, equipped with check-valves 15-gal. 20-gal. 11-gal. Stainless Stainless Stainless Diameter Usable Vol. Empty Wt. lb. Full Wt. lb. Padded in. gal. slave / mast. slave / mast. Collar 43 14.3 19.5 37 / 39 120 / 122 ü All weights include valves and padded cover * Not currently available but still in circulation **For partitioned and High-Spec baskets only 20 gal. Titanium* ** TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ENVELOPES BASKETS BURNERS TANKS Tool-free ACME fittings, equipped with check-valves Rego Valve q Hand Turn Valve. Tool-Free connect-disconnect q Anti stem -leak backstop seal q ACME fitting com plete with checkvalves Quarter Turn Valve q 90 Degree handle on/off operation q Tool-free connect/disconnect q ACME fitting com plete with check valves 2-Tank Manifold Weight: 4lb Monoblock construction (machined from solid block of aluminum) with anodized finish Tool-free connect-disconnect 3-Tank Manifold (not available on all models) Weight: 6lb Tool-free connect-disconnect

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(Legacy Burners) Like the N-Series, the Z-Series provides maximum logo-visibility with a perfect, almost flat, surface to display even the largest and most complicated artwork. Constructed from 24 gores – each from horizontally cut panels, the Z-Series envelope gives greater color pattern flexibility than the N-type, and is the premium choice for effective promotional use. FAA Certifed Volume Cu. F.A.I. Ft. Category Weight Envelope Weight Top 1/3 Standard Hyperlast with squeeze-action blast valve operation, plus one hand burn/gimbal action Two ring-jets that outperform hundreds of conventional...

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Aluminum monoblock manifold and Double-Sealä blast valve for leak-free operation Two liquid pilot lights—vapor optional Two constant reading pressure gauges Two quiet auxiliary triple-seal Whisperä burners— separate fuel path for redundancy Piezo electronic ignitor(s) [only 1 on the single burner] Two separate simultaneous fuel delivery systems—fuel both blast valves at the same time In-line pilot light fuel filters that are pilot-replaceable CrossFire™ crossflow valve for one hand operation of both burners with a single blast valve (n/a on single burner) Lubrication ports into the valve body...

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Purpose-built for passenger operations, the A-Type offers a range of envelopes that will lift from 5 to 18 persons. Twenty slightly bulbous gores provide tremendous strength without compromising the artwork potential. Its horizontally cut panels offer a huge variety of color patterns. As with all Cameron models, the A-Type boast a large “loaded” mouth and a nomex Pressure Scoop, which together make even the windiest inflations easy. Ultra™ Double Ultra™ Triple Ultra™ Quad Stratus™ Single Stratus™ Double Stratus™ Triple Stratus™ Quad Safire™ Double § Safire™ Quad § Hopper Burner Sirocco Double*** Envelope...

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PARTITIONED BASKETS Engineering efficiency, light weight, and its unique “tear-drop” shape, make the V-Type envelopes a favorite the world over. Its eight bulbous gores allow for simple artwork, while the numerous horizontally cut panels offer virtually unlimited color patterns without the need for special cuts. Eleven standard models of “T” and “Double T” partition baskets offer features that benefit both operator and passengers. Knowing that your passengers are divided into manageable groups in comfortable tall-sided compartments adds a great deal of confidence to those ‘quick’ landings. You’ll...

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OPEN BASKETS OPEN BASKETS The flat-top variety of our ever-polular ‘Aristocrat’ baskets offer a little more roominess, and the more rugged construction of a stainless steel top frame. Also available in high-spec (pictured here) versions which will accommodate 20-gallon tanks and have staggered step-holes for easy entrance and exit. Sport models feature “Double Weave” construction and 5 bands of accent weave. Toggle handles on all sides make ground handling easy. Thick scuff-leather and hardwood skids protect the basket on hard landings, while the all-weave construction absorbs the shock imposed...

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