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Lightwave radar Primary Surveillance Radar

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In-fill Air Surveillance Solutions for Extending Situational Awareness Primary Surveillance Radar Mobile and Fixed Site Surveillance Radar • Exportable • Tech Readiness Level 9 (TRL9) • ASTERIX Compliant Output • Remote Monitoring • Remote Operation • S-Band • Not ITAR Controlled Minimal Fixed Site Footprint Rapid Deployment Tower System

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aBDUT LIGHTWaVE RaDaR LightWave is a high-quality, low-cost, flexible, “software-defined” radar technology platform that can serve a broad range of surveillance missions by re-configuring its run-time parameters. As a fully standalone radar, Lightwave’s low unit cost and low radiated power enables more radar sensors to be deployed in a given geographic area, creating a distributed surveillance network that achieves significantly higher quality 4-dimensional surveillance coverage at a lower price point than competing radars. LightWave excels in applications ranging from general air...

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Networked LiGHTwave RaDaR • Increased target PD • Extends detection range over that of a single radar • Target height extraction • 4D surveillance (range, azimuth, height, velocity) • Eliminates cone-of-silence • ADS-B at each site enables WAM capability ^ LightWave Radar Network Extracted Height ADS-B Height Extended Surveillance Range Fixed Unit Mobile Unit For information or to schedule an in-person or virtual briefing, please email

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