BAUER Catalog 2016 - 16 Pages

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BAUER Catalog 2016

Catalog excerpts

A Message From The President It’s not easy to become a 100-year-old company. We celebrate this milestone knowing what it takes and having the passion and desire to execute on a company vision that brought us here and will carry us forward. At Bauer, we have worked to live the principles we believe in to obtain all of the benefits that come from building a company that is designed to last for 100 years and to embark on the next century.  Relationships and partnerships with our customers are rock solid, and they produce tremendous returns. Trust and dependability are cornerstones.  Our...

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Where we started… Bauer’s early years as a Hartford, CT-based manufacturer of high quality and reliable industrial products, set the stage for our steady, long-term growth. With the dawn of modern aviation, Bauer established itself as a sought-after provider of support and test equipment. Our temperature simulator product line quickly became the industry standard. Bauer Booth at the Paris Airshow, 1967 Through the years our product lines expanded. While recognized as the industry experts in engine fuel component test systems, we steadily added to our repertoire. Now we cover nearly all...

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MTS7000 Electronic Test System The Bauer MTS7000 Electronic Test System provides electrical interface signals to a wide range of aircraft and engine accessories. It serves as an Electronic Engine Control (EEC) or Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) simulator in the testing of Fuel Controls, Hydro-Mechanical Units (HMU) and Fuel Metering Units (FMU). ■ Portable Cart, for use with several Test Stands, or integrated into a Test Stand ■ Ethernet Connection to PC Running User Interface Software ■ Provides all required Current Drivers, Voltage Drivers, Resolvers, LVDT/RVDTs, Digital and...

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ATS3000 is data acquisition and test management software, specifically designed and developed by Bauer, with the aircraft component testing process and the test stand operator in mind. We continuously enhance the software for ever-increasing productivity, reliability, and data accuracy required by our customers. Data Logging & Automatic Parameter Control ■ Accurate & Consistent Test Data ■ Improved Productivity ■ Can be Added to Existing Equipment ■ Easily Expandable for New Component Capability Options ■ Test Program Set (TPS) Development ■ Software Training ■ Software Maintenance Plan ■...

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Portable Engine Software Loader Design & Manufacturing of Critical Engine Support Equipment The Bauer Model 7793 Engine Software Loader (ESL) allows for engine software updates to be performed while the engine is both on wing and in overhaul status, without having to manage the shipment of FADEC hardware back to OEM facilities for software updates. ■ Portable PELICAN Case Construction Holds a Hand-Held Tablet PC and Cable Harnesses ■ Updates Flight Software and Retrieves Engine Fault Codes ■ Bauer Turnkey Program Management for ESL Lifetime Support ■ Manufactured for Engine/APU OEMs Bauer...

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Actuator Test Stand The Bauer Model 8631 Actuator Test Stand provides a flexible platform for testing an incredible variety of actuators, including electrically and/or mechanically operated rotary and linear units.  Actuator-Specific Test Fixturing and Electrical Cables  Precision LVDTs/Encoders for Position Measurement  High Accuracy Load Cells  Hydraulic Power Pack for Load Cylinders Bauer Senior Electrical Engineer Pete B. on the Actuator Test Stand: “The Bauer Actuator Test Stand platform is designed to offer maximum flexibility for adding new component capability when needed. In...

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Aircraft / Engine Component Test Equipment From legacy systems to tomorrow’s newest fleets, Bauer test stands and electronic test boxes are precisely engineered to provide solutions that fulfill our customers’ current requirements with a focus on expansion and growth to accommodate their future needs. Bauer 1000 Series Fuel Accessories Test Stands Covering a wide range of test capability for hundreds of high and low flow engine fuel accessories:  Fuel Controls (HMUs, FMUs)  Fuel Flow Transmitters  Fuel Pumps  Fuel Actuators & Valves  Fuel Nozzles  Servovalves  Fuel Boost & Transfer...

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Bauer 3000 Series Engine Lubrication Oil Test Stands Providing test capabilities for all types of engine lubrication system rotating and non-rotating accessories: ■ Lube & Scavenge Pumps ■ Heat Exchangers ■ Gearbox Components    ■ Oil Coolers ■ Oil Nozzles    ■ Valves

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Bauer 5000 Series Pneumatic Component Test Stands Providing universal test capability, including fully integrated facilities, for all types of pneumatic components: ■ High and Low Flow Valves    ■ Air Cycle Machines ■ High Temperature Valves    ■ Engine Air Starters ■ Pneumatic Actuators    ■ Pneumatic Heat Exchangers

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Bauer 8000 Series Electro-Mechanical Component Test Stands Covering a wide variety of electro-mechanical components with versatility and flexibility:  Linear Actuators  Rotary Actuators  Ballscrews  Cargo Power Drive

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Aircraft Engine Support Equipment Working in close cooperation with engine and component OEMs, Bauer has developed innovative solutions for a wide range of support equipment, with applications in component repair shops, engine shops, and in the hangar. ■ Electrical Test Boxes ■ Portable Fuel Nozzle Testers ■ Ultrasonic Fuel Nozzle Cleaners ■ Preservation Oil Carts ■ Oil Cooler Flushing Carts ■ Engine Air Flow Test Carts ■ Engine Oil Flow Test Carts ■ Engine Assembly Heaters ■ Cable and Harness Testers

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Wheel & Brake Equipment Aircraft Wheel & Brake Support Equipment Bauer supplies aircraft wheel & brake shops with products that significantly improve productivity, enhance the work environment and increase safety. Our wheel & brake equipment is being used and recommended by the world’s leading OEMs, airlines, and MROs. Wheel Build-up Stands Automatic Torquing Systems Bead Breakers Wheel Assembly/Disassembly Stands Automatic Tire Inflators and Safety Cages Brake Test Stands Did you know? Bauer, Inc. was formerly owned by Woodward, Inc. On January 31, 1991, Bauer (then called Bauer Aerospace)...

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