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Web streaming gateway WSG-100 - 3 Pages

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Web streaming gateway WSG-100
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Catalog excerpts

• Integrated with TransForm N / CMS • Clearest and coherent information sharing • Enables sharing of situational awareness with anybody, anywhere • Makes use of standard, state-of-the-art web technology • Easy to set up and operate • Offered as a simple add-on to control room installations • Video Diode function Barco's Web Streaming Gateway (WSG) solution is a remote networking addition to Barco's TransForm N and CMS control room and collaboration products. WSG enables the control room operator (using Barco CMS as the main control room management tool) to select available video sources, group multiple sources into source compositions (called 'perspectives'), and push these to particular destinations (or 'streaming channels'). The remote end user can use the web browser of his personal mobile device to connect to the Barco Web Streaming Gateway. He can then authenticate himself and receive a list of available streaming channels. Upon selection, the appropriate channel is streamed to the mobile device using HLS web streaming technology. Applications • Sharing information from central headquarters to multiple remote command positions • Feeding information to distributed meeting rooms and crisis rooms • Emergency information sharing across echelons and with external partners or agencies • Providing situational information to personnel in the field

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• Consulting remote experts for advice • Sharing 'dashboard' information with managers using mobile devices Components The Web Streaming Gateway is offered as an all-in-one package that can be simply attached to any new or existing TransForm N / CMS system. The base package consists of the following • Media processing node (NGP-200), behaving as a TransForm N output node, capable of generating a multi-sources signal by compositing multiple individual sources • High performance H.264 encoder (NGS-D220) for high resolution encoding of the stream • Web Streaming Gateway server (WSG-100), providing...

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PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS WEB STREAMING GATEWAY WSG-100 Graphics accelerator    Intel® HD Graphics 4000 Power consumption    300W (maximum) Operating conditions    0 .. 40° Celsius at max. 80% humidity, non -condensing Noise Level    Max. 31db(A) at 25° C ambient temperature With rubber feet, fixation and handling: 133 mm / 220 mm / 279 mm | 5.24 in / 8.66 in / 10.98 in Weight    5.5 kg | 12.13 lbs Last updated: 15 May 2018 Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please check for the latest information. ENABLING BRIGHT OUTCOMES BARC-0-

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