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Controls and Avionics Solutions - 16 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

INSPIRED WORK Committed to keeping you flying Controls and Avionics Solutions

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Engine Controls BAE Systems is a world leader in Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) design, development, production, and support. Our state-of-the-art FADEC systems are currently on Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, and Embraer planes. Supported Aircraft: Military • Agusta Westland: EH101 • • Bell: 214ST, AH-1W/AH-1Z, UH-1Y • Boeing: 767 AWACS, AH-64, F/A-18, • F/A-18 E/F, F-15K, KC-10, KC-135R, • RC-135, P8 • • EADS/CASA: CN235 • • Fairchild Republic: A-10 • HAL: LCA • Kaman Aircraft: SH-2G

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An Industry Leader in FADEC • More than 25 years of experience designing and certifying FADEC for commercial and military aircraft • Preferred supplier to GE and CFM International with an installed base of more than 25,000 engines • Supplier of next-generation LEAP and GE9X FADECs • FADEC overhaul program designed by us, the OEM, to extend the life of the FADEC • Member of FADEC International and FADEC Alliance • Multi-generation product family approach Core Capabilities • • • • • • • • • Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) Supervisory controls Power management controls Power system...

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Flight Controls Supported Aircraft: Military • • • • Airbus: A320 Bell: 525 (in development) Boeing: 737, 747, 767, 777, and 747-8 Bombardier: CRJ and CSeries Embraer: Legacy 450/500 and KC-390 (in development) Gulfstream G500/G600 (in development) Mitsubishi: MRJ

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BAE Systems is a market leader in the design, development, production, and support of highly reliable Flight Control Systems (FCS) for commercial and military aircraft. We were the first to introduce FBW in military applications (F-16/F-18) and civil applications (A310). Today, our commitment to innovation continues with the development of an Active Inceptor System that enables tactile cueing for pilots. Core Capabilities • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Active Inceptor Systems (AIS) Actuator control electronics Autopilot controls Fly-by-Wire (FBW) control systems Ground collision avoidance systems...

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Flight Deck Systems Our smart electronics are designed to streamline and simplify control of the flight deck environment through intuitive, integrated technology that ensures optimal aircraft performance. Control and Monitoring Systems • • • • • • • • Airborne power management Electronic cargo handling and controllers Emergency door power assist system Fuel systems and fuel jettison Hydraulic quality and pressure monitor Ice detection Overspeed warning Pilot alerting Supported Aircraft • Boeing 737, 747

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Detection and Alerting Systems • • • • • • • Electronic warning management Ice detection Overspeed warning Pilot alerting Proximity sensing Smoke/fire detection and alerting Stall warning Core Capabilities • • • • • • • Audio control and management Caution and warning systems Head-up displays Instrument control and panels and modules Low-cost production through our global manufacturing network Master

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The next generation of cabin management Supported Aircraft • More than 1,200 Boeing 737NG with Boeing Sky Interiors are enabled by our Attendant Control Panel • More than 1,100 Boeing 777 aircraft fly with our cabin systems on board • Tablet IFE on fleet of Airbus 320 aircraft The IntelliCabin Family of Products • • • • • Crew mobile device solutions Dynamic LED lighting control In-Seat Power system (ISP) Tablet IFE system Turnkey servi

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With more and more emphasis being placed on passenger satisfaction, airlines are demanding functionality that will improve the passenger flight experience while giving crews the tools and control to serve them more efficiently. With BAE Systems' IntelliCabin , that functionality and control is now available. ® Core Capabilities • In-seat power for all passengers, all the time, regardless of seat class • State-of-the-art tablet IFE system that offers the best of today’s tablet technology • Simplified control of everything electronic in the cabin through the use of our user-friendly Attendant Control...

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Mission Systems Our proficiency with mission-critical electronic ystems, s flight controls, and computers – coupled with our systems integration expertise – allows us to produce highly reliable products that can withstand harsh environments and the test of time. Supported Aircraft • • • • Agusta Westland: AW609, AW101/EH101 Airbus: AS332 BAE Systems: Hawk BAE Systems/EADS/Alenia Aeronautica: Tornado, Typhoon • Bell: AH-1W, UH-1Z • Bell Boeing: CV-22/MV-22 • Boeing: AH-6i, B-1B, C-17, CH-47, F-15, F/A18, KC-135, KC-46, QF-16 Unmanned

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Mission Avionics • • • • • • • Caution and warning systems Digital maps Display processors Fuel management systems Instrument control panels and modules Mission computers Throttle controls Core Capabilities • • • • • Advanced flight controls Integrated flight/navigation Payload and mission management Stores management Weapon management/controls Weapon Controls • • • • Enhanced envelope gun sight Integrated flight and fire control Stores management comput

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Aftermarket Support Keeping you flying is our business We provide spares and asset management as well as maintenance, repair, and overhaul for a wide variety of aircraft electronics, including: • • • • • • • • • Airframe systems controls and monitoring Cabin systems Data distribution Detection and alerting systems Electrical distribution systems Flight deck systems Engine controls Flight controls Test equipment and technical services Service and support you can count on We develop and manufacture innovative aircraft products and back them with a global network of service and support for all current...

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BAE Systems offers unparalleled experience with flight-critical systems, software, and hardware. We develop and manufacture innovative aircraft products and back them with a global network of support for all current and anticipated needs. Our expertise covers many platforms to maximize commonality, availability, and affordability throughout the program life cycle. Our service centers are strategically located to ensure the best possible service • Rochester, UK: Flight controls, in-flight entertainment, and head-up displays for commercial and military applications; electrical distribution systems,...

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