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LA-8 amphibian - 7 Pages

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LA-8 amphibian
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Catalog excerpts

The amphibian aircraft AeroVolga LA-8 is designed to operate in all latitudes and climatic zones, in fresh and salt water. Amphibian aircraft LA-8 is designed and made in accordance with the FAR-23 (CS-23). The aircraft's landing gear allows operating from paved and unpaved runways, including: ground, asphalt, and snow-covered runways. Seagoing ability allows operations with wave height up to 0,5 m. Minimum length of runway is 400 m. It can be operated with one or two pilots and carry six to seven passengers. It is a monoplane with high fixed wing and three-point chassis with a forward support....

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Length, m Wing span, m Ramp height, m_ Track of landing gear, m Wheelbase of landing gear, m Wing area, sq.m Length total, m Length of cockpit, m Height, m Width, m Max. TOW, kg (Lb) Empty weight, kg (Lb) * Fuel capacity, kg (Lb)*** Max. useful load, kg (Lb) Max. number of men-on-board Min. crew Never exceeded airspeed Vne, km/h (kTs) IAS Maneuvers speed VA , km/h (kTs) IAS Stall speed Vso , km/h (kTs) IAS Maximum approved altitude, m (feet) Max. airport altitude, m (feet)* Max. wave height for sea operation, m (inch) Max. crosswind, m/sec (kTs) Min. depth for on-water operations, m (feet) Cabin...

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Garmin G500 MFD (or analogue) certified avionics display system or multiengine piston aircraft. The aircraft is equipped with set of flight, navigational and radio-link equipment: · Pitot TP-156 or analogue, with heating and indication of heating failure · Static pressure reception system with possibility for switching upon an alternative source of static pressure · Dual flight and navigation indicators (PFD and MFD displays for both pilots) · Engine monitor EDM-960 TWIN · GPS/NAV/COMM system GARMIN GTN-650 (in option: GTN 750, with additional audio panel control, transponder and approach charts...

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SPECIAL APPLICATIONS The design of the aircraft allows for a quick (15 minutes) transformation from a passenger to cargo version. (Self-Installation of strapping shoes for mooring. The cabin of the aircraft allows carrying cargo up to 4 meters of length). The medical version of the aircraft can be equipped with two places for bed-ridden patients and one seat for accompanying physician. Re-equipment of the aircraft from passenger modification into air ambulance in less than 30 minutes. The construction and flight duration capabilities of the LA-8 aircraft provide for prefect aircraft for aerial...

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SAFETY LA-8 aircraft is designed to be the safest aircraft in its class. All systems surpass the mandatory requirements of fail-safe (under the standards of airworthiness for the aircraft of this type). The aircraft is designed to continue horizontal flight in case of one engine failure (with automatic feathering of the propeller of the failed engine). The aircraft is equipped with two bilge pumps, in forward and central compartments, with an expulsion of overboard water above the floating line and anchor (with nylon cord 30 m). LA-8 aircraft is equipped with flight navigation system which allows...

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MANUFACTURER «Aerovolga» ab, 17 Krasnyi Yar, 446370, Samara region, Russia e-mail: DISTRIBUTOR Aéronautique Design & Service Bureau SA, Rue Agasse 54, 1208 Geneve, Switzerland, e-mail:

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