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MaxSim Tower - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Adacel’s MaxSim simulators deliver leading-edge capabilities to the simulation user. With installations around the world, Adacel systems are being used every day by hundreds of people in a variety of training and research and development roles. Components MaxSim provides high-fidelity simulation of control tower and IFR control unit environments with sophisticated functionality to support the most intricate civil & military ATC training and procedure evaluation. Systems can be operated stand-alone or fully integrated and MaxSim includes automation features for unmanned positions. Command execution...

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Supervisor Features MaxSim provides the supervisor with total control to manage the training exercise during runtime. Functions include capabilities to add or remove aircraft, inject events, modify weather, and take control of any aircraft or vehicle in the scenario. The supervisor can message any supporting position and pause, rewind or resume an exercise to make a teaching point. The system is common to Tower and Radar applications. Speech Recognition & Pseudo-Pilot Features Designed for economy of effort - increased automation and efficient modes for command entry reduce the number of people...

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MaxSim Tower simulators create consistent, job-like reality that generates the immersive environments necessary for students to acquire and retain new skills at a much faster pace. Students graduating from programs using MaxSim simulators demonstrate the confidence and maturity normally seen only in more experienced controllers. Auxiliary Displays MaxSim supports a variety of auxiliary display systems such as an independent ground visual channel, airfield lighting control panels, weather & wind displays, and surface movement detection systems

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MaxSim Radar is a versatile simulation tool that can be used for radar and non-radar procedural training in all facets of the IFR control environment as well as in the design and testing of flight patterns and procedures. Environmental effects such as winds aloft and pressure regions & effects are supported. Systems include configurable flight progress strips with batch printing. MaxSim Radar can be fully integrated with the MaxSim Tower systems. Simulates various radar formats for the airport, terminal and en route control environments I '    ■ lilNSi MaxSim Radar provides tools to customize...

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Individual Task Trainers & Small Footprint Systems Compact Packages with Full-sized Features Systems share the same scenario creation tools and capabilities of a full-sized MaxSim. Playing areas, scenarios, 3D databases and visual models are compatible throughout all MaxSim system configurations. Can be integrated with Adacel’s speech recognition system or controlled via pseudo-pilot. Systems can also do double duty as scenario creation and testing tools.

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Enables tower & radar training virtually anytime anywhere Offers the same high-fidelity functionality as Adacel’s full-sized MaxSim ATC simulators, but on a compact, transportable platform. Triple screen visual displays can be integrated with a single laptop supervisor position. Transportable in a shock deterrent case. Mobile systems enable rapid, cost-effective deployment to solve training needs at alternate locations Can support tower out-the-window views, local/ground control, departure/approach control and PAR control modes on a single system. Multiple independent Tower and Radar systems can...

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Product Fnn.ovatr.on & Excellence For contact information visit www.adacei.com or Email: info@adacel.com

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