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GLOV™ Program - 3 Pages

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GLOV™ Program
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Catalog excerpts

ACCURATE AUTOMATION CORPORATION 7001 Shallowford Road Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421 Phone: 423-894-4646  Fax: 423-894-4645 http://www.accurate-automation.com GLOV™ Program Design Challenges During the development of the GLOV™, Accurate Automation’s engineers have found innovative solutions to difficult problems. These include designing the wings, tail, and propeller to allow them to be collapsed inside the outer shell Small UAV Flies with Various Payloads Accurate Automation has developed the Gun Launched Observation Vehicle (GLOV™) for the U.S. Navy. The GLOV™ is designed to be tube or boat launched. When it nears the target area, the sabot will separate, unfolding the wings, tail, and propeller. The GLOV™ will loiter above a target area for approximately three hours, relaying video or other sensor data to ground personnel. The GLOV™ can also be launched using detachable landing gear, allowing a standard take-off. During flight the GLOV™ is operated as a propeller driven remote controlled aircraft. Flight tests are performed to verify the aerodynamics of this unusual aircraft. Features of the GLOV™ program     Tube launched Can loiter for three (3) hours Carry a variety of payloads Autonomous flight control using Mission Planner  Adaptive Control  One man operation  Quiet propeller  Unique wing construction  Has been flown with disposable landing gear off a flat surface  Variant low cost Mortar Launched system has been investigated The GLOV™ concept demonstrator is currently located at Accurate Automation Corporation in Chattanooga, TN. Copyright © 2006 Accurate Automation Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2006 Accurate Aut

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Gun Launched Observation Vehicle (GLOV™) The Mortar Launched Air Vehicle (MLAV) variant was designed for real-time over-the-horizon reconnaissance. Accurate developed and tested a low noise propeller for this UAV. Accurate’s approach to the desired attenuation by 12dB was based on the mitigation of any sharp rise or fall of the pressure over the entire blade surface. By increasing the number of blades the individual blade pressure loading was reduced, and noise attenuation was achieved. The design features of the propeller design are: • Seven blades • Propeller diameter of 10 inches • Low noise...

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Accurate Automation Corporation 7001 Shallowford Road Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421 USA 800-777-9974  423-894-4646  Fax 423- 894-4645 sales@accurate-automation.com Copyright © 2006 Accurate Automation Corporation. All Rights Reserve

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