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Bollard Guardrail - 2 Pages

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Bollard Guardrail
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Catalogue excerpts

Strong, durable and highly visible, A-SAFE Bollards are a multi-functional product, critical for traffic management in the workplace and the segregation of people from vehicles. IMPACT ABSORPTION Scientifically designed, with an inbuilt absorption layer, A-SAFE Bollards are able to flex on impact, absorb forces and reform to their original shape. HIGHLY VISIBLE Accident prevention is a priority. The visual prominence of A-SAFE Bollards permanently reinforces a driver’s attention to safe driving and can also act as guidance along traffic routes. ULTRA-LOW MAINTENANCE Scratch resistant, non-corrosive and with no need to repaint, A-SAFE Bollards offer a permanent visual aesthetic. A-SAFE have been tremendously effective in providing protected walkways for public safety. The reason we chose A-SAFE Bollards was because of price, ease of fitting, visibility and durability. Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent Senior Facilities Manager NO FLOOR DAMAGE The flexible, reformative properties of A-SAFE Bollards mean floors are protected from damage. PROTECTING… PEOPLE, PROPERTY, PROFITS AND PERFORMANCE Authorised resel

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Guardrail SPECIFICATIONS Tested impact energy (Joules) Equivalent vehicle weight (kg) Equivalent vehicle speed (km/h) Material Properties Fire Rating Food Contact Chemical Resistance Terms and conditions apply VEHICLE SUITABILITY Fully laden vehicle (kgs) travelling at the maximum speed (mph) the barrier can withstand at 900 impact Note: These are guideline figures. Please refer to full technical information for details. Authorised reseller addre

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